Growing Dahlias – Tues., May 30, 6-8 pm


At this workshop we will teach you all we know about dahlias and will send you home with 8 dahlia tubers and the knowledge to grow them beautifully. By planting now you will have dahlias blooming late summer til first frost this fall and for years to come. Our dahlia beds are in various stages of bloom from just sprouting to full bud and we may even have a flower or two. We will also plant a few tubers so you can see exactly how we do it.  We will discuss with a handout and demonstrate in the field our netting system, proper spacing, when and how to deep cut/pinch, and how to harvest. We will let you look at a few tubers that haven’t been divided so you can learn to spot the “eyes”.

Topics we will discuss include

  • How and where to plant
  • Proper spacing
  • Netting/staking
  • Deep cutting/pinching
  • Harvesting
  • To dig or not to dig – overwintering in the field
  • Storing dahlia tubers overwintering inside
  • Dividing clumps
  • Different forms of dahlias
  • Propagation
  • Bugs and diseases
  • Resources

Because dahlias are a cut and come again flower, once your dahlias begin blooming you’ll have flowers for the rest of the summer. We hope you can join us and begin your dahlia journey. We like the idea of having more flowers in this world!

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We’ll meet at the dahlia beds at the Homeplace, 399 Bruce Doan Rd., Blountville, 37617. Pull down the driveway towards the white farmhouse to park. I’ll try to remember to tie balloons to the mailbox.  Should the weather not cooperate we’ll meet inside the Homeplace for the discussion but we will be outside in the beds for demonstrations so bring an umbrella or rain gear. There is no bathroom at the Homeplace but we can get you to one when needed. Be prepared to learn a thing or two, enjoy an evening in the country, make a friend, and take home lots of potential beauty. If you have questions, you may text Linda at 423-367-0361.