Medium Bucket


Pick up is on the porch at 207 Bruce Doan Rd., Blountville, TN 37617.  That’s the red brick bungalow house of the corner and you will turn onto Bruce Doan Rd and pull directly into the driveway. There is an old hay rake near the driveway entrance. You may pull up, get your flowers and pull ahead into the turn around or you may park in the front yard and come up to the porch for your flowers. If someone else is on the porch, please just wait your turn. And we are asking that you please wear a mask when you are out of your vehicle.

A small bucket filled with summer blooms is just the right size to take home and create your own arrangements. This bucket is 6″ in diameter and 8″ high and filled with lots of fun bright blooms including dahlias, black eyed susans, yarrow, ammi majus, mountain mint, scabiosa, daisies, and a little more of this and that. The bucket is yours to keep and you may just want to leave the blooms and display in the bucket, but the flowers are NOT arranged.

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Thought you might enjoy seeing the two arrangements I made with my medium bucket of flowers to give you a better idea of the flowers you'll receive.  Of course the buckets won't be identical but each will have flowers similar to these. As you arrange, remember that you never want two similar flowers facing the same direction at the same height. Play with your flowers until everything looks like it just fell into place.

The first arragement I made in a teapot with the shorter blooms. I put chicken wire in first to help hold them in place

To begin I just slid the dahlias in to give me a bit of a framework, then added the yarrow, ammi (looks like Queen Anne's Lace) to fill it out, then added the lighter weight flowers of daisies, black eyes Susans and scabiosa higher in the arrangement to carry your eye up and away. This type of arrangement doesn't require long stems and they're perfect for a table as you can easily see over top of it.

For the second arrangement, I used the longer stems and just placed them loosely into a black pitcher.  This casual style comes together quickly. Just remember to put your focal or heavier flowers lower in the arrangement and your filler and wispy flowers higher.