Bucket of Dahlias


Dahlias are full to overflowing right now which makes this Friday, July 8th, the perfect time to grab a bucket for the weekend! You can make several arrangements from this one bucket which holds approximately 35-40 dahlias in a mix of colors and shapes. Each bucket contains showy dinnerplates and smaller but longer lasting ball shaped dahlias with a few water lily dahlias as well. See below for pick up details.

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Pick up will be anytime Friday after 3 p.m. from the cooler at Aunt Willie’s at 207 Bruce Doan Rd., Blountville, TN 37617 The cooler is directly behind the garage at Aunt Willie’s and the buckets will be on the table inside on the left. If you have trouble I can run down and help you if you call or text 4230367-0361 but you should be able to get the bucket without much trouble.

The flowers will be kept cool so if Saturday morning is better for you that will be fine.

Please take your bucket from the table on the left. There will be other flowers in there for other events. Also, please don’t mix and match stems.

The house is right on the corner, so as you turn on to Bruce Doan Rd you will pull directly up into the driveway. Pull past the house to the garage and get your flowers. There is a turnaround by the garage but if there is another vehicle there, you can park in the grass in the front of the house. If you park in front be careful not to pull into the bank on the other side of the driveway.