CSA Bouquet Share, Aug 17- Sept 28


So many pretty flowers!! Dahlias are kicking in and we have a few sunflowers to “summer things up” as well as lots of sweet little surprises. Pick up will be at Aunt Willie’s at 207 Bruce Doan Rd., 37617. The first week we will meet you and show you where the cooler is. The remaining weeks you can grab your bouquet anytime from 2- 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The bouquets will be inside the cooler on the white table on the left side of the cooler where they’ll stay fresher than out on the porch. Please do not mix and match if bouquets are not rubber banded and please do not take any other flowers from the cooler – they’re probably earmarked for something else. Flowers will either be loose in a ball jar or rubber banded and in a jar.  You may take the jar home with you but to help reduce waste, please bring the empty jar back next week and set it on the table when you pick up your new bouquet. Don’t worry if you forget, we have plenty of jars.

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The Late Summer 6-week CSA will begin Tuesday, August 17 and will run through September 28. Six weeks at $35/week for a $210 total which allows us to provide a bouquet perfect for your home into fall. You will not receive a bouquet Tuesday, August 31 because of another event on the farm but will pick up again Sept 7. Payment is non-refundable and full payment must be received to reserve your 6 week flower share.

If for some reason, you cannot get your bouquet, you can gift that bouquet to a friend who can pick up in your place. Flower shares are limited so act quickly! Last year CSA’s sold out quickly. We are always planting seeds so would like a gauge of how many of these crazy little fellers we need to plant!


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