Grow Your Own Cut Flower Garden – Thurs April 11, 5:30-7:30 pm


We’ve added a second workshop as the first one filled up in a hurry! Join us for this hands-on workshop where participants will learn all the basics of growing cut flowers and will seed and take home a tray of warm season annuals that will be great for cutting! We have chosen varieties that are easiest to germinate and grow into seedlings including sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, basil, celosia, and  even purple hyacinth bean to grow up a trellis. These seedlings should be ready to transplant into the garden just about the time of our last expected frost. Each participant will seed into a 72 cell plug tray filled with seed starting soil. In addition to the seeds, tray, and soil, each will also receive a bottom tray for watering, landscape fabric that can be used for no-till bed prep and/or weed barrier, a handout that covers everything from seed to vase, seed catalogs from Johnny’s Seeds and a few extra seeds for later! And hopefully we’ll have a dahlia tuber for you.

If weather is good we’ll meet outside but if not we’ll gather inside the Homeplace, 399 Bruce Doan Rd., Blountville, TN, 37617. Registration cannot be refunded but we will meet rain or shine. See below for more details. Space is limited.

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There will be lots of discussion and demos of how to be successful at growing cut flowers. that will include:

  • What to plant when – frost dates, warm season annuals, cool flowers etc.
  • How to read a seed packet and seed catalogue
  • Seeding in trays or soil blocks vs direct seeding and timing for each
  • Conditions needed for best germination and growing (water, heat and light)
  • Caring for a seed tray
  • Watering your tray – bottom or overhead
  • Bed preparation – composting, fabric? till or no-till?
  • Transplanting seedlings into the ground and watering-in
  • Caring for plants after transplanting – watering, fertilizing
  • How to fight weeds – weed barrier, weeding, garden tools
  • When and how to cut your flowers – we’ll see what’s blooming in the hoop house
  • How to preserve in vase
  • List of local resources
  • How to share – Growing Kindness Project