SOLD OUT June 28th Farm Tour 6:30-8:30 PM


June is bustin’ out all over and time for a summer farm tour!  Roy always kicks off the tour with a bit of old farm story telling including tales from Civil War times and a bit of getting acquainted, and then it’s on to the dahlias! We started cutting a few dahlias the first June and they keep on blooming through frost. We get to cut dahlias early in the season because we overwinter most of these ladies in the ground rather than digging, storing, and dividing. Each of you will get to cut dahlias for you ball jar bouquets as Linda explains the whole dahlia process. There are other good summer bloomers around the Homeplace including Annabelle Hydrangea, fern, glads, and some ever-present but oh-so-useful Poke. When we move on the the hoop house we’ll see sunflowers, celosia, amaranthus, basils, cosmos with a few other things coming or going. Sunflowers are most always blooming and Linda will give a handout with various types of sunflowers that are good to plant now for late summer/fall blooms and where to buy seed. You’ll learn how we flip the hoop house between cool season to warm season and back to cool crops over the course of the season. There’s a slight chance there will be a lisianthus or two blooming but those are the highlight of the July tour. Then on to Aunt Willie’s house and so many woodies and perennials. We have four types of hydrangea at Aunt Willie’s but most won’t be cuttable in late June. Our best foliage plants are here in abundance along with perennials like gooseneck, yarrow, echinacia, eryngium, phlox, mints, and oregano. The chicken coop turned flower studio it’s always fun to peek in and the cooler should have a few blooms cut and stored for upcoming events. Aunt Willie’s house is interesting to explore with all the vases/pitchers/glasswear that are stored upstairs.

Of course we’ll be talking flowers the whole way with lots of time for questions and friend making as we go. If you’re not too tired and would like to hike up to the cabin in the woods, we’re glad to walk along with you and tell you how this sweet little spot came to be.

Join us if you can . . . . we love our farm tour visitors and all the interest and excitement they bring along with them to the farm!

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Tour will meet rain or shine so bring an umbrella if rain looks imminent but there are plenty of run down old buildings to duck into if we need to. We’ll begin at the Homeplace, 399 Bruce Doan Rd., Blountville, 37617 which is the driveway on the left just AFTER the hoop house. I’ll try to remember to put balloons on the mailbox.  Pull down the driveway towards the white farmhouse and park anywhere in the grass. Tours generally last about 2 hours but you’re welcome to stay an extra minute to hike up to the cabin if there’s enough daylight. Cost is not refundable but if for some reason you’re unable to join us last minute, you can send someone in your place.